Imagine Global Aquaponics Vision of the Future

IGA is poised to be a leader in the global aquaponics market by becoming renowned in the USA for its ability to market and deliver the finest systems in the industry, as well as providing the how-to educational component for sharing and mastering the technology.

IGA’s complete vision is to have a profound impact on global hunger by
bringing aquaponics systems to underprivileged communities around the world.

Imagine Global Aquaponics The Business of Aquaponics

Consumers are demanding more from organic food products; they are increasingly looking at ethical sourcing, traceability, the carbon footprint, sustainability and corporate social responsibility when making their food buying decisions.

According to Organic Monitor estimates, global organic sales reached $54.9 billion in 2009 up from, $50.9 billion in 2008. The countries with the largest markets are the United States, Germany and France. The highest per capita consumption is in Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.

In summary, as consumers demand more from organic food products and the companies which produce and distribute them, IGA plans on addressing their needs by creating the aquaponics systems needed to bring abundant, nutritious, chemical-free food to the global marketplace.

Imagine Global Aquaponics

The answer arrived when we began to Imagine Global Aquaponics

IGA’s aquaponics experts build customized aquaponics systems. Our comprehensive consultations include feasibility assessments, design, and construction requirements. We provide the technical support and training to ensure optimal installation, operation and sustainability of our customized systems. And, IGA is also an educational portal for anyone interested in learning about aquaponics.

Our goal is nutrient-rich, abundant food. Our outreach is global in scale

IGA is not only poised to lead the way into the future of food as a business model, we are also preparing to lead a global effort to address world hunger. We will do this by bringing aquaponics to areas of the world where affected people are suffering and empowering them with IGA aquaponics systems that enable independent, sustainable production of healthy nutritious food.

What to know more about the Aquaponics & the future of advanced, organic food production?

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