CEL™’s Guiding Principles are based on

the Community& Cooperative Capitalism the Power of  Trust

CEL™ will work in cooperation with national, regional, and local cooperative banks and credit unions, which are some of the best kept secrets in the financial industry. They play an important role in the nation’s rural and, now urban economy.

An example of the outstanding success of the community banking model is CoBank, a $90 Billion bank with over 850 associates. Unlike retail banks, CoBank does not take deposits, have branches or offer mortgages, car loans, and consumer credit cards. Instead, CoBank provides loans to vital industries throughout rural America – namely agribusiness and rural utilities. They also help agribusiness customers sell their products internationally. It is an important niche supporting U.S. industries that play a critical role in the national and global economy.

More than 7,250 credit unions supply financial services for over 93 million consumers nationwide. They offer a wide range of services at prices that are usually lower than those of for-profit institutions.

While most credit unions serve the broad middle class, an increasing number are meeting the financial services needs of low-income communities. As many banks abandon these areas, community development credit unions are stepping in to serve low and moderate-income households.

“Capitalism was not planned: it is what is known as an ‘emergent’ phenomenon which continues to exist because it has demonstrated itself to be superior to all other models, such as Socialism.” Stephen M. Covey

The Power of Trust

According to Stephen M. Covey in his book “Business at the Speed of Trust”, trust creates powerful business advantages. Most significantly speed. How much quicker (and more profitably) could you be if you worked with a community of business
owners you could truly Trust that were focused on a common goal.

What is a Cooperative Capitalist?

Cooperative Capitalists are business owners who embrace the concepts of the free market but eschew the concept of winning in ways that destroy trust. Profit is important, but CELL™ believes in creating profits that build something bigger rather than just us and our individual business. Our guiding principles are free market, trust, and core values based on truth.

Is the World Ready for Cooperative Capitalism? The Answer is YES!

A common thread in today’s world is the statement of how disappointed and tired people are of working with people and companies that do not share their values and principles. People are weary of worrying about the ingredients in the foods they eat, the dependability of the products they buy, and the safety of the investments they make. How much more could you get done AND how much more profitable could you be IF you could actually trust the folks you work with? Is the world ready for Communities of Cooperative Capitalists? You bet!

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