Community Eco-Living (CEL) is comprised of highly-skilled individuals in publishing, agriculture, science and technology, business and education, media and marketing, insurance, law, and finance who come together to achieve a mutual dream, the creation of an action-oriented, news and educational organization.

  • Ellen Toomey Hale
    Ellen Toomey Hale Executive Director

    Ellen Toomey-Hale served in Colorado’s juvenile justice system as a deputy district attorney, guardian ad litem, defense counsel, and district court magistrate. She was an adjunct professor at the University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College.

    For decades, Ellen’s true passion has been helping nonprofit startups. She still believes that one person can change the world which includes the founders of nonprofits and their visions. Her expertise in nonprofit development has taken her on the path of serving eco-communities; veterans; single parents; impaired, abused and neglected children; and families and orphans.

    As Executive Director, Ellen provides CEL  with unmatched expertise in the areas of nonprofit fundraising, legal oversight and community leadership.  She brings a passion for providing individuals and communities with the skills and tools to achieve a more sustainable future and healthier environment.

    Ellen and her husband, Curt, reside on their 80-acre farm she describes as an eco-living, work-in-progress, complete with fresh eggs and vegetable gardens.

  • Janet Shapan
    Janet Shapan President of the Board - Marketing & Media Director

    Janet Shapan’s passion for sustainable living and all things agriculture originates from her childhood experiences on the family farms in North Carolina.

    Her career in media design and marketing project management began upon joining a leading fashion photography company, Commerical Art. She later served as Project Manager for Applied Decision Analysis, a spin-off of Stanford Research Institute and later became the National Conference Coordinator for Montgomery Securities.

    Janet co-founded sister publishing and television production companies, The Hagen Network (THN) and The Hagen Group (THG), that produced sports league magazines and television events which broadcast to over 40 million households each week for 11 years. And, for the last 10 years, Janet’s has owned and operated Shapan, Inc., a media management entity for private and public groups in a range of industry categories.

    Coming full circle, serving as President, Publisher, and Media Director, Janet brings to CEL a unique and broad set of talents in managing publishing and TV media, grassroots marketing programs, as well designing advanced visual media presentations, on and off the worldwide web.

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